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Castle Investment Solution Ltd (Castle) is an investment support business, designed to help the clients of independent financial advisers to gain access to a range of high quality Discretionary Fund Management companies that have been vetted and approved by Castle, and to add value by negotiating unique benefits.

Castles plays a key role carrying out extensive due diligence on the Discretionary Fund Managers in the UK and creating a panel of chosen firms, which means that your adviser has the information and confidence to recommend  to their clients. This added expertise helps your adviser to be more efficient in looking after their clients, while the day to day management of your money is carried out by a Discretionary Fund Manager.

Finding the right investment manager who specialises in running your investment portfolio and making it a tailored service to you is so important. Your independent financial adviser has to be fully informed and have the ability to harness opportunities as they arise. That’s why working together with Castle, your adviser uses their expertise and initiative in bringing to you an approved choice of Discretionary Fund Managers. In discussion with your independent financial adviser you can then select the most suitable solution for your financial needs, safe in the knowledge that you are choosing from some of the best Discretionary Fund Managers that the industry has to offer.